Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina at AED 120*

One of the many entertainment options in Dubai is the opportunity to have marina dhow cruise. Our Marina Glass Boat is the perfect way to feast on scenic views of the new Dubai City skyline over the Persian Gulf shoreline. This luxurious sightseeing expedition offers host of different picturesque views of the city, Jumeirah Beach Residences, soaring high international hotels along the beach as well as private beaches. In addition, the cruise also offers sightseeing along the famed Palm Jumeirah and the Atlantis Hotel

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise Wooden Boat Package

AED 150/person - 1-15 persons

AED 140/person- 16-30 persons

AED 130/person - 31-99 person

AED 120/person - 100+ Persons

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise Glass Boat Package

Note: Need to pay full amount in advance to reserve the booking for glass boat

AED 200/person - 1-15 persons

AED 190/person- 16-30 persons

AED 180/person- 31-99 persons

AED 170/person - 100+ Persons

A welcoming drink upon arrivalDhow Cruise Marina AC Lower Deck
Romantic ambiance at our dhow while cruising & dining aboard
Cruising over Dubai Marina for two hours
Delicious International & Asian buffet dinner
Live entertainment and Tanura Shows
Unlimited Soft Drinks, Coffee, Water, Juice and Tea
Open air upper deck and full air conditioned lower deck

(AED 20 Extra for Pick & Drop From Dubai)

What would it cost to have the best moments of your life with your significant other? If you are expecting a high price, then don’t worry it is as low as AED 150 (wooden boat) & 200 (Glass boat) per person for group of fifteen people. This means you can also book a trip with your best friends if you want to enjoy an amiable time with them after a long time

Better still, if you want to enjoy a trip with your close friends on a weekend on the dhow cruise, then you can easily enjoy an amazing time by spending as less as AED 140 (wooden boat) & 190 (Glass boat) per person. You can make memories that are hard to forget over the cruise by enjoying different activities available for your recreation and entertainment

You can even enjoy a family trip to the dhow cruise by inviting all the couples and have the best times of your lives. The best part about it is not only the fact that the bigger the better but also that the bigger the cheaper. This is because for a group of more than 30 people you will only have to pay as low as AED 130 (wooden boat) & 180 (Glass boat) per person. It is definitely a tempting package, isn’t it?

As we mentioned above that the bigger it is, the better it gets. This is also true here because for a group as big as of ten people you have to pay as little as AED 120 (wooden boat) & 170 (Glass boat) per head which is quite a little amount as compared to the facilities, the pleasure, and joy you will get

Marina Dhow Cruise Dinner
Experiencing Dubai cannot get any better than feasting on your favorite meal while treading across the waters of the Dubai Marina. The Marina Dhow Cruise takes you across the two-mile long canal city that is the picture-perfect imitation of Venetian culture. The cruise offers breathtaking views of Dubai City skyline and well illuminated skyscrapers along the shoreline. Orion Vision Tourism has years of experience and expertise that shows each time a satisfied customer walks off our Marina Cruise. With our dedicated staff, ambient music, and international cuisine resulting from the hands of professional chefs; our marina dhow cruise dinner will certainly transform you into our returning client.

Dubai Dhow Cruise Deals
If you are wondering about the budget and expenses of taking this amazing cruise, then here is the good news for you all there are a number of amazing deals that can help make your Dhow cruise marina trip amazingly reasonable. Now, that calls for a celebration doesn’t it? Who would ever want to miss the chance to enjoy more in less money? This is definitely a great opportunity for you to have some of the memorable moments of your life on Dhow cruise Marina. If you are interested in knowing about the different Dhow cruise Marina deals, then here is a list for you:

Different Facilities at the Dubai Dhow Cruise Marina
After having a look at Dhow Cruise Marina prices and knowing quite a lot about the amazing dhow cruise marina offers, you need to have a look at different activities that you can relish at this amazing place. These activities make the Dhow cruise Marina Dubai more exciting and appealing to visit and revisit with the passage of time. Here are few of the most awe-inspiring things to do to make your dhow cruise at marina more superb:

Dhow Cruise Marina Dinner
Dhow cruise marina is about sightseeing and feeling the beauty of the ambiance but it is not only about that. This is because you are also provided with a scrumptious and lavish Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina Dinner that has been prepared by expert chefs that specialize in making authentic international dishes giving them a pinch of versatility that makes the dinner worth longing for. It is not only about devouring an extravagant meal but also enjoying the beauty of the surroundings and the romantic air sitting across the table with your loved ones. The dinner is more amazing than on the rooftop of the finest five stars hotels because it is the completely unique experience which makes it shine out and appear tempting. Furthermore, the food is also quite flavorsome and aromatic that is surely going to tantalize your taste buds making you crave for more. The dhow marina dinner price can be included in the Dubai Dhow Cruise cost so you can enjoy the dhow cruise with the dinner which is rich in taste and aroma.

The Double Deck Space
The dhow cruise marina is not simply a sleek dhow cruise that takes you from one place to another rather it is a double-decked dhow cruise. The two decks offer two kinds of environments and entertainment facilities. The lower deck is a fully air conditioned space where you can dance to music and enjoy listening to the beats of music and enjoy a serene cruise. However, if you are more of a fun loving person, then the open upper deck offers the best views of the skyline with the company of your loved ones and soulful music playing in the background. If you relish each and every moment of the two hours of your dhow cruise marina timings, then you would realize how low the Dhow cruise marina rates are. The different dhow cruise marina locations it takes you include a two-mile canal city which is a manifestation of the Venetian Culture. In addition to this, the dhow cruise marina offers a very enchanting view of the tallest skyscrapers along the skyline so that each customer of the Dubai Dhow Cruise Marina walks away with satisfaction that the money, which has been spent was undoubted, worth it.

Just like at five-star hotels, the dhow cruise marina offers a very refreshing yet delicious welcome drink that makes you feel like you are in for some high state-of-the-art luxury. The Dhow Cruise Marina Deals also include the facility of unlimited soft drinks, water, and tea for the tea lovers. This shows that they keep every aspect of comfort and serenity in mind to surely give you the best times of your life. Hence, you definitely have to make the best of your time at the Dhow Cruise /marina so that you leave without any regrets and enjoy to the fullest.

The Sights it offers
Dhow cruise marina is not only majestic because it is highly lavish and entertaining but also because it marvels the people on board with the grandeur of the sights it offers. The sights dhow cruise marina offers include the scenic sight of the Jumeirah residences, the skyrocketing malls including the Dhow cruise Marina mall, the luxurious hotels as well as the numerous beaches. It not only helps you enjoy the sight these superstructures provide but also helps you explore new places to visit in Dubai. Thus, it will be a great idea to start your trip in Dubai from the dhow cruise marina which surely makes it worthwhile.

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