Evening Desert Safari
Starting from AED 85*

Evening Desert Safari is one of the leading, if not the top, tourist attraction in Dubai. This cruise across the dry river sand has been attracting thrill seekers in Dubai for years, offering a much more breath taking side of the city. Orion Vision Tourism offers some of the most competitive evening safari offers and deals to our patrons

Morning Desert Safari 
Starting from AED 90*

Morning Safari is one of the best options for those who’d like to experience bashing the sandy dunes in the bright day light. This exciting and adventurous expedition will take you through the rugged parts of Dubai on four wheels.
The whole experience of morning desert safari in Dubai will last for about four hours, Pickup Time is 8:30 am to 9am and Drop off time is 11:30 am to 12:00pm

Hummer Desert Safari
Starting from AED 145*

Whether you are a tourist or a resident in Dubai, for you, good times come in all sizes and shapes. And one form of those good times is the option of thrilling your senses with the Hummer Safari. The outskirts of this urbanized metropolis still hone vast sandy dunes that are waiting to be explored by the likes of you. Desert safari is your perfect getaway from the city life, whether you’re looking for a family outing or a hangout with your buddies. Regardless of the size of the group that you travel with, Hummer desert safari is one sure way to experience Dubai the way it is meant to be

Overnight Desert Safari
Starting from AED 220*

For those looking for serenity across the vast sandy dunes and away from the city life, Overnight Desert Safari comes packed with exactly that. All that traveling from Dubai to the desert camp could turn a bit hectic and just to counter that, overnight safari in Dubai lets you stay the night at our luxurious desert camp, loaded with basic amenities and a lot more. Under the sheet of starry night, this option offers a rather serene and breathtaking way of spending your night as compared to the city life. So after an exciting take on dune bashing, rest it off or just take pleasure from all that our desert oasis has to offer with a night stay within peaceful wilderness

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